Pamper yourself – our beauty treatments

Our Arabba hotel offers daily beauty programs and a broad choice of relaxing classical and oriental massages.
Antistress Massage50 minutes
65.00 €
Delicate massage of hands, feet, facial and abdominal for a total relaxation and general well-being for mind and body.
Aromatic Massage50 minutes
65.00 €
The combined action of a warm aromatic oil and a delicate massage help to reduce stress and give an immediate feeling of wellness.
Candle massage50 minutes
70.00 €
Candle Massage is a warm and aromatic treatment with the healing virtues of the essence and the emollient properties of lukewarm karitè butter.
Facial Massage25 minutes
38.00 €
A delicate and regular facial massage including neck, head and decolleté which improves tone and elasticity to your skin and reduces deep tensions.
Hot Stone Massage55 minutes
80.00 €
The soothing effect of hot lava stones, placed on the Chakras help the free flow of energy releasing energy blockages and relaxing muscles, inducing a deep feeling of relaxation and an extraordinary harmonizing and rebalancing effect.
Lymphatic Drainage Dott. Vodder55 minutes
70.00 €
A gentle, pleasant massage technique which stimulates the lymphatic circulation and leads to an intensive detox.
Neck Massage25 minutes
38.00 €
Neck pain can be a sign of stress, poor posture or consequenche of acute cold air flow.
Partial Massage25 minutes
38.00 €
Back or leg massage customized to your needs.
Sport massage50 minutes
65.00 €
Deep movements to relieve pain and muscle tension.
Tibet Massage50 minutes
70.00 €
Tibet's secret is enclosed in bundles with Himalayan pebbles and salts from the Dead Sea softly applied onto the body with a warm oil. This de-contracting, purifying, re-balancing and energetic treatment is powerful and especially well suited to contracted tissues with toxins. The body is pervaded with a wonderful feeling of lightness and deep relax.
Facial treatments
Chronocare50 minutes
65.00 €
Moisturizes, noutishes, tones and cares for mature skin. Vitamin A and E, gardenia stem cells and natural oils keep the skin in shape day after day.
Dsense50 minutes
65.00 €
Pr4events irritation and soothes the skin redness. Multi-flower honey and hypericum oily extract strengthen the skin barrier wit soothing, anti-inflammatory, and protective properties.
Hydrodtx50 minutes
65.00 €
Nourishes and protects the most sensitive and dry skin, enhancing its tone and surface. Natural extracts and plants actives of spirulina algae, aloe vera and calendula reduce erythema and retain water, improving hydration.
Skinpure50 minutes
65.00 €
Even the oiliest skin regains its natural balance, regaining purity and beauty. Rich in plant extracts such as burdock, linden, rosemary and essential oils for a natural skin balance.
Body treatments
Body-peeling50 minutes
60.00 €
Give a soft and gentle treatment to your skin with a scruv removing dead cells and then a moisturizing massage: for a sklin that feels as smooth as silk.
Hay bath50 minutes
60.00 €
Enjoy a warm alpine hay bath! Perfect for skin-cleansing, it also provides a temporary relief of rheumatism and muscular aches, stimulates blood circulation and strenghtens the immune system.
A refreshing and revitalising gel or cream will be applied aftetwards.
Other treatments
"Over the ocean" fango mud pack50 minutes
60.00 €
Discover the beneficial and healing capacity of a fango mud pack. Use the strenght of nature and give your body back its energy. The treatment will finish with a specific reducing and reshaping massage.
Ideal for toxinated, swollen tissues, showing fluid retention, fat pads and cellulitis.
Bioenergetic treatment ( with suction cups )50 minutes
70.00 €
This is carried out manually using cupping glasses which can dissolve energy blocks, acting on muscle and tendon tissue by toning and revitalising them. It improves the elimination of toxins and waste and cell regeneration. A draining and detoxing treatment that also revitalises, stimulates, regenerates and energises.
 Cosmetic pedicure
40.00 €
 Depilation arms
20.00 €
 Depilation back-chest
20.00 €
 Depilation bikini line or armpit
15.00 €
 Depilation eyebrows
10.00 €
 Depilation leg
20.00 €
 Depilation legs and bikini line
50.00 €
 Depilation upper-lip
10.00 €
Facial cleaning personalized50 minutes
55.00 €
Esfolation, mask and cream for facial skin deepcleaning, targeted to your skin type.
 French Manicure
35.00 €
20.00 €
30.00 €
55.00 €
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