Spa centre

Well-being, relax and regeneration

Allow yourself relaxing moments and enjoy your spa vacation in the Dolomites!

Aromatic shower

Try and experience the advantages of the revitalizing shower. Through the combination of fragrances and colour effects it will transcend you into a dimension where body and spirit meet and create a pleasant well-being.


The oven's branch dome releases the perfume of pine cones: the beneficiary odour, saturated by penetrating aromas of medicinal herbs, has a positive effect on the whole torso.

Finnish sauna

The sauna relaxes your tensions and takes away your every-day stress, what remains. pure relaxation and quietness.


So that you can stay in shape, the Evaldo Hotel offers a small gym for its guests, where they can exercise and forget their every-day stress.

Infrared cabin

Infrared light soothes the body, activates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and eases tension.


Relax and be embraced by the bubbles of the Jacuzzi, discover relaxing sensations and enjoy your stay in the water.

Kneipp basin

The principle of warm-cold completed by the river stones for a foot massage, provide the basis for all of the benefits produced by water: it regulates circulation, stabilizes your nervous system and consequently improves the well-being of your entire body

Relaxation area

The Evaldo hotel disposes of comfortable relaxation rooms for resting your body and soul and also for regenerating your whole body.

Steam bath

The steam and the heat melt and spread essential oils in the ambience. These oils regenerate the entire organism and leave you with a comfortable sensation of well-being.

Swimming pool

Immerse yourself in the water of the swimming pool and regain energy! Swimming pool, counter current facility and Jacuzzi will make sure you do not miss out on any of the water's benefit. The swimming pool is opened from 08.00 to 19.30, children have to be accompanied by their parents.

The magical sauna world

Relax and let go in our lovely sauna world, surrounded by soothing warmth, relaxing smells and cleansing vapours...


In this location of well-being a symbiosis of natural and creative elements appears. The heat and the gentle steam, together with natural scents and stimulating perfumes, quiet music and monochromatic illumination stimulate your respiratory tract and strengthen your immune system.
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